Bosnia’s Elites Get the Cars They Desire

Date: Jun 01, 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina




The quickest glance at the list of official vehicles purchased recently by Bosnia’s numerous institutions at different levels reveals one thing: officials have a very clear preference for Volkswagen group cars.

By law, when purchasing vehicles or any other equipment for the official use, Bosnia's institutions are obliged to allow fair competition and equal treatment to all bidders.

However, there is ample evidence that institutions and officials have found an easy way to circumvent the Public Procurement Law and get the vehicles they desire.

The NGO Open Society Fund – Bosnia and Herzegovina monitored 56 procurement procedures in the period from 2012 to 2015, including state car procurements, and, according to project coordinator Mervan Mirascija most of those tenders specified details that indicated a certain type of car.

“No state institution monitors the legality of the procedure of a specific public procurement, from the adoption of the public procurement plan, preparation of tender documents, choice of the economically most advantageous bidder, to realisation of the public procurement,” Mirascija said.


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