Centre for Applied European Studies - CPES

Address: Njegoševa st. 31v, 1st floor, 11000 Belgrade – Serbia

Tel: +381 11 4030536



Center for Applied European Studies – CPES was established in 2006 with the aim of examining the development and policies of the European Union, thus the consequences they may have on building the institutional architecture of Serbia in the context of its way to the EU. Believing that Serbia’s European future is the best development option for Serbia and its citizens, CPES brings together researchers dealing with various aspects of Europeanization and development policies based on European values and norms.

Overall goals of the Center are to advocate for the implementation of European standards and norms when shaping institutional arrangements and making Serbia’s public policies, as well as to strengthen the social consensus on the need for pro-European and democratic development of Serbia in the interest of all of its citizens.

Independently or in cooperation with other organizations, in the previous period CPES has implemented various types of activities, acting in accordance with its program commitment – advocating for the European integration of Serbia, affirming public dialogue, and encouraging an efficient financial system with a focus on public procurement and the fight against corruption. For the past seven years CPES has been extensively monitoring the public procurement system, the accountability of independent regulatory and control bodies in charge of public procurement, and in particular anti-corruption measures in respective laws and bylaws and their implementation in practice.

The results achieved were presented to the broader public in the form of case studies from the three most relevant areas – environment, healthcare, and infrastructure, through advocacy initiatives for a more efficient public procurement system, and in seminars and conferences. The key results of our research are regularly presented in the annual Alarm reports on the state of play in public procurement, which have been issued since 2019, as well as at seminars for CSOs, media representatives and public officials where we discussed topics aimed at the improvement of public procurement system.