Lëvizja FOL

Address: Andrea Gropa, No.35, 10000 Prishtinë

Tel: +38344131542

Web: https://levizjafol.org/

Email: info@levizjafol.org

Since its foundation in 2009, FOL has been a key player in promoting the ideals of open and participatory society in Kosovo. Our mission is to fight corruption, increase government transparency, and support the community's role in shaping policy and development.

Our work involves leading initiatives to prevent corruption by advocating for change and raising public awareness. We also focus on empowering Kosovo's citizens, encouraging them to get involved in decision-making processes and helping to build a society where government accountability is the norm.

Over the years, we've completed over 100 projects that reflect our commitment to improving governance and engaging citizens. These projects highlight our impact on public policy and our continuous efforts to ensure that public institutions operate transparently and fairly.

Beyond our local efforts, FOL participates in regional efforts to improve transparency and fight corruption, broadening our impact across borders.

FOL has become a trusted voice in promoting democratic values and good governance in Kosovo. Our work demonstrates our ongoing commitment to fostering a democratic society grounded in transparency and active citizenship.