BIRN analysis: What is the rate of corruption in Albania?

Res Publica

Address: Gjergji Fishta Nd. 24, H.3, Ap. 7 Tirana, Albania




Res Publica is an Albanian public interest law organization, working to promote and safeguard respect of fundamental human rights through strategic litigation, advocacy, human rights education, research, and policy development. Since its establishment in 2010, Res Publica has been engaged in a series of high-profile human rights cases (demonstration police shooting victims, Gërdec blast victims, the referendum against the importing of solid waste, more than 100 cases defending journalists for freedom of expression and right to information issues, and challenging big investments that have a negative impact on the environment). 

Res Publica is active in monitoring state authorities on numerous topics related to good governance and accountability, to improve policies and fight impunity. 

Res Publica is a key source of information for international stakeholders such as the European Union (EU) delegation, Council of Europe and the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Res Publica has also established good working relations and frequently shares its expertise with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with common goals and aspirations.