North Macedonia

Center for Civil Communications – Skopje

Address: Bul. Koco Racin 26-1/2, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel: +389 2 3213 513

Fax: +389 2 3213 513



Established in 2005, the Center for Civil Communications focuses its activities on good governance, nation-wide and locally. CCC’s goal is to develop and improve the communication among all social factors in the Republic of Macedonia regarding processes of wider social importance, as well as to monitor, analyse, and enhance the social, political, and economic processes in the country, mainly in the area of anti-corruption, local governance and economic development. CCC is the only CSO in Macedonia that monitors closely the process of public procurements in the country since 2008, issuing quarterly based reports with the key findings and recommendations for both legal changes and changes in the implementation of the Public Procurement Law. In 2011, CCC introduced an instrument to assess effectiveness of public spending – the so-called Index of Rationality comparing prices by which different state institutions buy the very same products, services and works. In addition, CCC holds trainings in anti-corruption and public spending monitoring for other CSOs and journalists on nation-wide and local level, and CCC staff is part of a number of expert teams involved in designing anti-corruption and reform strategies and policies in the country.

Besides its staff of seven people, several external experts work for CCC on a regular basis (public procurement, legislation, and anticorruption). During it’s almost eight year operation CCC has implemented over 15 projects, proposing hundreds of recommendations for taking measures for enhancing the areas in which it is operating.