NO MINISTER BUT THERE IS A NEW CAR: Ministry of Transport and Communications renews car park

Date: May 24, 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina




Although four months’ work without minister, for current managerial staff of the BiH Ministry of Transport and Communications there are no obstacle to the maximum benefit from state institutions and the civil service.

Thus they were recently launched and almost completed the procedure of procurement of new limousine (apparently the new VW Passat), which will taxpayers in BiH cost 50,000 KM.

Why now they make such a decisions, is there a need to procure a new limousine, for whom it is intended and whether there is economic justification for these purchases, are all issues that are addressed by the journalists of Nezavisne novine, but the Ministry did not get an answers because the Sasa Dalipagić (Deputy Minister) and Igor Pejic (Secretary of the Ministry) were absent because of the holidays.

Nezavisne novine also wrote that they could not get an answer to the question whether the procurement is legal, because the ministry does not have the Minister as the most responsible person who signed and approves all of this procurement.

However, judging by the price, the vehicle is procured specifically for the needs of the Deputy Minister, and it is possible to use also by the Secretary of the Ministry.