BiH Law on Public Procurement: Amendments saving millions gather dust

Date: May 24, 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina




Although amendments to the BiH Law on Public Procurement could save at least half a billion convertible marks (KM) annually to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the BiH Parliament amendments persistently collects dust.


According to unofficial information, the amendments could be found in the parliamentary procedure before the summer, but the authors urge the media to exert public pressure to make this really happened.


Annually, BiH spends about two billion KM through public procurements. In 2008, from 20 largest signed contracts 19 were conducted in an open procedure, while in 2014 nine of the 15 largest contracts concluded without a public notice procedure. Tragic is the fact that in BiH nobody controls the public procurement procedures during their implementation. The network of organizations on a sample of 56 public contracts showed that it is possible to achieve savings of 400 million KM per year, and through the introduction of purposefulness audits to savings amounted to 700 million KM per year.