Construction of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts Object

Date: May 14, 2013




Author : MANS’ Investigative Center


Object of Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (CANU) was supposed to be completed in March 2012, but it did not happen even in the beginning of 2013. The study shows that this procurement was carried out, even though funds for its implementation were not provided. Also, at the same time the Department of Public Works, eliminated favorable bidder and assigned the work more expensive bidder. Directorate of Public Works in February 2010 published a call for construction of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts in Podgorica, assessing the business value of seven million. The invitation stated that the half-million will be provided from the Capital Budget Department in 2010, while the remaining 6.5 million will be projected in the budget for the upcoming 2011. The Directorate stated in the call that the minimum period for completion of work shall be 15 months and maximum 18 months.


For the construction of the new CANU facility 15 companies have shown interest, whose bids were ranged from 5.8 to 7.9 million. Eight of received bids were rated incorrectly, including offers of "Alpine Bau" that offered the lowest rate of work of 5.8 million. The key reason for rejection of this offer, as stated by the Directorate, was that "Alpine Bau" suggested that the whole work should be completed in about 14 months, and reference required a minimum period of 15 months. This explanation seems unacceptable, especially since it was a financially advantageous offer. The Directorate further, eliminating favorable bidder, adopted a decision to award the contract to "Kroling" company for the price of nearly 6.3 million, or nearly half a million more than the offer was rejected. On the other hand, even if the offer is "Osijek Koteks" really was defective, Directorate of Public Works has had the opportunity to cancel the procurement and start the process again.








15 months

14 months