On Average, Tender Procedures Are Marked by Participation of 2.5 Bidding Companies, While e-Auctions are Marked by 2 Participants

Date: Jul 04, 2016





The Centre for Civil Communications published its regular monitoring report on public procurement procedures implemented by local institutions, which provides the following results and findings:

* Market research related to requirements defined under technical specifications has failed in all cases. In 100% of tender procedures contracting authorities had to obtain approval from the Council of Public Procurements prior to announcing their procurement notices. As regards eligibility criteria, market research has been successful in 71% of cases, and approval had to be obtained in the remaining 29% of cases.

* Numerous examples from the monitoring sample showed great interdependence between procurement’s estimate value and final price attained, as well as with tender annulments. Therefore, prior to engaging in any serious effort to set estimated values of their procurements, contracting authorities are recommended to perform preliminary research of market prices and conditions.

* In this monitoring period and sample, the share of tender annulments has decreased to below-average level, although there are examples of problematic tender annulments or non-annulment of tender procedures.

* Competition in tender procedures organized on local level remained on the same low level of an average of 2.5 bidding companies per tender procedure, while the share of tender procedures with no bidding companies or with only one bidding company was decreased.

* While the share of monitored tender procedures that have been completed with e-auction is increasing compared to the last monitoring period, the average number of companies participating in downward bidding at e-auctions accounted for only 2.


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